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Neoprene Rubber**
Wetsuit Neoprene**
Silicone Rubber**
Natural Rubber**
Closed Cell Foams**
Fiber Inserted Rubber*
Felt Dots & Bumpers
Polyurethane Foams*
Polyethylene HDPE**
Dupont Mylar**
Kapton Film**
Plastic Shim Stock**
ABS/Polyvinyl Chloride*
3M Materials**
Runner Matting**

Minimum order is $15.00. Materials may be combined to reach the minimum. There are listings added periodically, so come back and see. In the catagory list on the left, the catagories marked with an asterisk have products. The catagories with two asterisks have sheet or roll products available.
Roll material is sold by the linear foot,
When 1 is ordered, a piece 1 foot x the width of the roll will be shipped.
When 2 is ordered, a piece 2 feet x the width of the roll will be shipped, etc. is a division of Mechmar Industries, Inc., 106 Main Street, Macedon, New York 14502 <315-986-8059 Phone> <315-986-8061 Fax>

$15.00 Minimum Order, Items can be combined to achieve minimum order