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Neoprene Rubber**
Wetsuit Neoprene**
Silicone Rubber**
Natural Rubber**
Closed Cell Foams**
Fiber Inserted Rubber*
Felt Dots & Bumpers
Polyurethane Foams*
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3M Materials**
Runner Matting**

Please click on the material description for more information on that material including age.
Before ordering, please be sure it is this type of neoprene you require. This item is solid neoprene, not wetsuit neoprene or foam rubber.
Look on left side of page for wetsuit neoprene.
This material is sold by the linear foot,
When 1 is ordered, a piece 1 foot x 36" will be shipped.
When 2 is ordered, a piece 2 feet x 36" will be shipped, etc.
Neoprene Rubber**

  1/8" Thick 40 Durometer 36" Wide Black Neoprene.
Code: 125_36_40DURO_NEO_LINFT
Price: $11.75
Quantity in Basket: none

  1/64 Thick 50 Durometer Neoprene Black 36" Wide
Code: 015_36_50DURO_LINFT
Price: $8.95
Quantity in Basket: none

  1/16" Thick 60 Durometer 48" Wide Black Neoprene.
Code: 062_48_60DURO_NEO_LINFT
Price: $8.34
Quantity in Basket: none

$15.00 Minimum Order, Items can be combined to achieve minimum order